Population Health

BIDCO’s population health program supports our providers in promoting high-quality, efficient care.  We specifically support the primary care physician (PCP) community through our PCP Advisory Committee that meets monthly and serves as a forum for information exchange with our local PCP Pod Leaders, who in turn educate their Pod members about BIDCO’s medical management initiatives. BIDCO supports specialists by educating PCPs about the importance of in-network specialty care referrals and by providing data on utilization practice pattern variation, prescribing trends, and other specialty specific opportunities for care efficiencies.

BIDCO offers numerous population health services to our provider community, including:

  • Acuity Documentation and Coding
  • Arcadia Analytics Population Health Tool
  • Complex Care Management
  • Evidence-Based Guidelines (coming soon)
  • Quality/Performance Improvement
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Post-Acute Care/Preferred Networks
  • PCP Advisory
  • Rising Risk Management

Beyond Prescriptions: BILHPN Pharmacy Program Updates

With the ever-growing complexity of delivering efficient and effective patient care, it can be challenging to navigate the many nuances of medication therapy. In the effort to support our providers in prescribing cost-effective, evidence-based medications, the BILHPN Pharmacy Team’s newsletter, Beyond Prescriptions, features timely clinical tools, insight on cost and utilization trends across the network, and other relevant pharmacy news.

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