Population Health

Arcadia Analytics Population Health Tool

BIDCO hosts a population health Data Warehouse via Arcadia Analytics which provides data aggregation and analytics that validates, normalizes and integrates data from multiple sources (EHR encounter information, laboratory and radiology data, along with claims received from various payers). These analytics are combined with the reports created by BIDCO’s medical economics team to deliver data to our population health teams and providers to identify and outreach high risk patients for complex care management as well as rising risk and low risk patients for disease management and prevention and wellness.

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions is a data aggregation and population health analytics company focused on equipping provider and payer organizations with integrated data, reporting, and analytics required to transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Arcadia’s core product, the Arcadia Analytics platform, provides a series of analytical and reporting tools to help healthcare organizations fully integrate datasets from EHRs, claims platforms, and ancillary systems to provide a complete and comprehensive combined dataset needed for analytics and population management. Arcadia also offers a powerful platform for Care Management which was co-developed with BIDCO. More information on our capabilities are included on our website at www.arcadiasolutions.com.


  • Quality Improvement – improve on 200+ quality measures within intuitive dashboards
  • Patient Management – Identify patients for outreach and close care gaps
  • Care Management – Manage patient cohorts, record case management notes and coordinate outreach
  • Risk & HCC Adjustment – Use EHR data to improve risk adjustment
  • Cost Utilization – Visually explore cost trends and drill down to specific events
  • Patient Outreach – Reach out to patients via text, email and phone to close care gaps
  • Contact Dashboards – Quick glance executive reporting against specific contract KPIs

Requesting Arcadia Analytics Access

Complete the Arcadia Analytics Access form and submit to BIDCOPopHealth@bidmc.harvard.edu
Arcadia Analytics Access Form
Arcadia Analytics Access Form Instructions

For additional questions related to Arcadia, please contact one of the following:
Arcadia access BIDCOPopHealth@bidmc.harvard.edu
Reporting Arcadia Data Issues BIDCOPopHealthSupport@bidmc.harvard.edu